Remembering Our First Lady


She has moved up a little higher

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints” - Psalm 116:15
We, the members of Wilborn Temple First Church of God in Christ, say good-bye to our precious First Lady, Mother Nora Lee Dees, who has gone home to be with her Savior. She has fought the good (worthy, honorable and noble) fight, she has finished the race, and she has kept (firmly held) the faith.  Mother Nora Lee Dees, gave her life to Christ as a teenager and served Him from that moment on. You know her bio and all the things she did to serve in the church and know what a gifted and powerful vocalist she was, and all the groups she sang in. You know that she was well known for her rendition of “Moving Up a Little Higher”. 

You know that Mother Dees was blunt and to the point, always managed to say what was on her mind and didn’t hold anything back. You know she had a great sense of humor and had no problems even laughing at herself. You know that she had child-like qualities often covering up her face when she laughed.

You know that she wasn’t impressed with titles and position; she was just Nora Lee from Shubuta, Mississippi. You know that it didn’t matter to her the title of First Lady; she was honored and happy just being Mrs. Solomon Dees, Jr. You know that Mother Dees was sick and hospitalized for the past two years and that her husband honored his marriage vows and sat with her every single day. You know how much they loved one another.

You know how much she loved her sons, Glenn and James and how dedicated they were to their mother. You know how she couldn’t wait to be a grandmother and that her grandchildren were the joy of her life (Her sixth grandchild was born just days after her passing).

But Perhaps you didn’t know that she was a mother and grandmother to those who didn’t have her blood line, she was a loving and caring neighbor; she was counselor to the young and old, inside and outside the doors of the church. Perhaps you didn’t know how she lovingly cared for her mother during her last years who struggled with Alzheimer’s. Perhaps you didn’t know how instrumental she was in changing many lives and the hours she spent praying and interceding for others.
Perhaps you didn’t know that Mother Dees endured more physical and emotional pain than most can imagine, yet bore an amazing strength. Perhaps you didn’t know that she survived a deliberate gunshot wound to her back and even cancer.

Just in case you didn’t know, we want to tell you that the hope and faith in Christ that she professed as a young girl never wavered. She believed that Jesus Christ was a healer. Friday, January 24, was one of those mornings, when Mother Nora Lee Dees went home to live on high, and she is now healed. She laid down her heavy burdens, she’s drinking from the Christian fountain, drinking that healing water and she’s living on forever. She has moved on up a little higher. We were honored to call her our First Lady. 

Yes, Mother Nora Lee Dees has certainly moved on up a whole lot higher and we will meet her there one morning!