Men's Ministry

Fisher's of Men is an inreach and outreach ministry whose purpose is to:
  • Inspire men to fellowship, pray and encourage one another
  • Be spiritual leaders of our families, be spiritual examples in the church and the community
  • Study the Word of God and apply it to our daily lives
  • Follow the Pastor as he follows Jesus Christ
  • Serve to the Glory of God

Our Vision
  • To know Christ and to make Him known 
  • Reach men of all ages focusing on spiritual, physical, emotional, and social growth
  • Teach men the Word of God and what God has commanded husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons
  • Teach men to be effective witnesses for Christ
  • Mend broken spirits through biblical education, prayer and fasting
  • Visit the incarcerated, the sick, the shut-in, and the spiritually dead and
    share the Good News of the Gospel